Shopping Spree!

by - Saturday, August 22, 2009

So... I am now three sleeps from my surgery... and all I can really think about now (well, other than all the worries in my last few posts) is what I am going to buy when I am all perky.

Yes... I just said perky.

And I damn well better be perky I tell you.

I have contemplated making my mom drive me directly from the hospital to the nearest Lululemon store (actually - I just realized there is one in Banff... hmmm...) so that I can buy one of these...A sweatshirt you say? A $98.00 sweatshirt at that? Crazyness!

But yes... it is just a sweatshirt, and it is highly overpriced... but I will finally be able to fit into one! You see - I can put the sweatshirts from Lululemon on now, and I can do them up... but it isn't really all that pretty. The zipper works just fine until you hit my sternum (wow - how's that for being all "medical terminology" and all) and then it looks like the poor zipper is going to explode.

So I figure, with smaller boobs... I will be able to wear one of these sweatshirts. I don't care if it is overpriced, or trendy, or whatever... this is like my treat for going through surgery.

The second thing I am going to buy (and this has to wait about 4-6 weeks or so) is a nice bra. From a regular store. Preferrably for $25 or less. And it will have matching panties. That don't look like granny panties. I think I am going to try and start with something like this little number from La Senza (I am so not a lace person - perky boobs or not)...
And then, once I am outfitted with a swanky new sweatshirt and a cute little bra, I may venture out to buy a button up shirt. Holler!

PS... I will be doing my (fully clothed) before pictures on Monday... and at that time I will let you all know my before size... I don't know what size I am going to get to be when this is done, but let's just say that when my doctor mentioned the words "full" and "C" in the same sentence I just about jumped the poor man. I haven't been that small since probably about 8th grade...

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  1. I have to attest, as a straight male, I do love Lulu Lemon's hoodies. They are well made, warm and have so many pockets.

  2. Ooo, that hoody look nice and cozy. I am so excited for you, although i can't imagine being excited about bra shopping, i hate it (and i've barely got boobs).

  3. First of all, I used to scoff at the fools who paid such a rediculous price for a lulu...puleez..'all just a bunch of sheep'...but then I bought one for my daughter...and it is so nice! I'm getting one next time I'm out of Peeg. baaah.
    O, and second...I'm WEARING that bra!