The First Snags of #UK2010

by - Monday, August 30, 2010

First off, stop laughing at my trip's hashtag.  I speak Twitter, and therefor so does my blog.

Anywhoodle... I get an e-mail this morning that my ferry from Belfast to Stranraer has been cancelled due to critical maintenance.

In October.

Don't you think that if it were critical they may, say, do the critical maintenance... now?

Bless those travelling on that particular ferry in the next five weeks! Let the ferry gods be with you!

Second... don't you think it would've been smart for the city of Belfast to maybe publish some sort of map as to where their famous murals are? I mean... I'd kinda like to know the neighbourhoods before I venture out on my own... getting blown up cause I'm in a dodgy part of town at the wrong time isn't really in my travel plans.

That said - if anyone knows a way that I can save the map on this site to my own Google Maps will go down in history as my favoritest person ever.

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