Irish Doors

by - Friday, September 03, 2010

One of my main goals of my #UK2010 trip is to take some pictures of doors.

Irish doors.

Beautifully colored Irish doors.

And then I am going to frame those pictures and put them around my house.

It'll sure beat the crappy Ikea pictures I currently have.

And, if by chance, there are a few cool pictures, I may make some mini Moo cards with them on them. For what purpose, I'm currently unsure, but they'll look cool.

ETA... I take it back. I totally know what I'd do with my mini Moo cards! I'd do this! Ain't that the coolest thing you've ever seen??

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  1. very cool! I love!

  2. That's great! Ireland rocks. I went there three years ago and had a fantastic time. Love the Irish doors. :)