Dear Canucks...

by - Thursday, April 21, 2011

You are the Presidents' Trophy winning hockey team for the 2010-2011 NHL hockey season.  Why the fuck are you playing like you are in the B-pool of some men's beer league?

Please listen to me when I say:
- Rome should not be playing in place of Ballard,
- the Sedins need to stop taking so many useless goddamn penalties,
- you know how to hit, so why don't you try it every once in awhile,
- if Luongo lets in three goals in ten shots, pull him!!
- the Blackhawks may be the defending Stanley Cup Champions, but Byfuglien doesn't play for them anymore so stop playing like his fucking ghost is standing in front of the net, and
- take advantage of the rookie goalie at the other end - maybe shoot the puck at him so he has to stop it every once in awhile.

Then, maybe you'll win a damn game and I won't stop watching half-way through the second period to go read a book in the bath.


PS - if the CBC commentators don't stop stating the obvious all fucking game long I am going to lose my shit.

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  1. LOL.. we were losing our shit over here.. and I'm a bandwagon jumper looking out for my $5 investment in my hockey pool!

  2. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Kat I've got $10 on them, so they had better get their shit together for sunday afternoon!!!!!! Sheila

  3. I was at last night's game and my son and I did something we've never done before. We have never left a playoff game before the end (we have half seasons tickets so have been to several). We were there for the quadrupal (sp?) OT game and stayed 'til the end a few years back. Last night we walked out half way through the third. I think they took pity on the fans and did the 50/50 draw early. Once it was done, we were done too.

  4. CBC has way better commentating and intermission content than any american broadcasting company. i'm so glad that i get both!

    i've been rooting for the canucks this round :)