Oh America...

by - Monday, April 25, 2011

Why don't you sell chocolate peanut butter in Montana? I was very dissapointed as that was the only think on my list that I couldn't find.

One thing we did find though were about 700 zillion different Montana license plates. Really - is there a need for that many different plates?

Seriously - check out this site to see just how many are available. You want to know how many are available in Alberta? Technically two - one regular plate and a Veteran's plate that is pretty much the same design, but with a poppy.

And really, I'm okay with that. Although playing the license plate game in Montana would be fun - you wouldn't have to search for other states/provinces, you could just search for the "Choose Life" plate or the "Planned Parenthood" plate... with bonus points for the "Montana Weed Control Association" plate.

The best part of the trip - these cars were travelling side by side down the road on the way to Columbia Falls... Jersey Shore fans I presume?

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  1. Totally true about the license plates in Arizona too. I'd be all, "Oooh! Where's that car from?"

    ... Arizona.

    "Ooh! Yellow license plate! Where's it from?"

    ... Arizona.

    "Orange! It has to be from another state!"


    Always Arizona.

  2. i think all states have a billion plates. its annoying! its just another way to make us spend our tax dollars is all!

    chocolate peanut butter? im glad i dont know what this is. as, i would die happily in a vat of reeses peanut butter cups.