Kate and William

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The schedule has finally been announced for Kate Catherine and William's visit to Canada, and they've announced details about their stops in Calgary.

It looks like most of the events are hoity-toity and even with my British passport I doubt I'd be able to afford get in to any of the dinners or special events, nor do I even own a ball gown or a dorky hat, which I am sure will be the required attire.

My plan right now is to get down to the Stampede parade at 6:00 and try and get a decent spot to take pictures of them as they launch the parade.

I better start practicing my English accent now!

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  1. Live it up - get the hat - while they are not for me either - to wear them in fun and for event like that would be fantastic! Enjoy - super jealous!

    (and seriously - word of the day was 'comers' - really... it gave me the giggles)