My Life in Numbers

by - Sunday, November 06, 2011

I got this from Ashley over at That Super Awesome Blog.

Active Blogs: 1
Blogs: 3
Autographed Books: 0
Blog Subscriptions: 190 (not all blogs... but this is what is in my Google Reader)
Books Read in 2008: unknown
Books Read in 2009: not enough
Books Read in 2010: not sure
Books Read so far in 2011: 10+
Boyfriends: 4
Broken Bones: 0
Cars Owned: 5
Cellphones Owned: 4
Countries Visited: 16 (20 by the end of the month)
Email Accounts: 5
Facebook Friends: 283
First Kisses: lots
First Dates: too many
Fluently Spoken Languages: 1
Funerals Attended: 1
Homes: too many to count (probably close to 20)
Hospital Stays: 2
Jobs Held: 14
Journals Currently in Use: 0 (unless you count my blog)
Journals Filled: none
Living Grandparents: 0
Movies Seen in Summer of 2005: I can't even remember the last movie I saw in a theatre... and you want me to remember back to 2005?
Pairs of Shoes: 30
Recipes Tried in 2010: new ones?
Recipes Tried so far in 2011: a few
Snow Globes: 3
States Visited: 7 (10 by the end of the month), 5 provinces and a territory
Weddings Attended: lots
Twitter Accounts: 3
Years in school: 18
Years Alive: 34
Youtube channels: 0

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