Hockey, hockey and more hockey

by - Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I haven't posted in awhile. I didn't do a cruise update, I haven't posted anything about Christmas, and I'm currently too consumed with all things hockey to talk about much else. I know a couple of guys playing in the Spengler Cup so I'm watching those
games on TV, I'm volunteering at and watching the World Junior Hockey Championships and the Canucks are 7-2-1 since my Canucks Christmas tree went up.

I'm also seriously considering going to Russia next year to see the World Juniors - there's a tour that would work out to 15 days or so - a couple of days in St. Petersburg, a couple of days in Moscow and then the tournament in Ufa. It'll set me back about $5000 or so... then there's Malmo, Sweden in 2014. And we all know Sweden is NOT a cheap country to visit.

I guess I should get on buying 50/50 tickets at the hockey games I'm going to - last years record in Saskatoon as $330,000 for the gold medal game (winner gets half)... I could've even handled the $15,000 that was won tonight at a Latvia/Slovakia game!

It's either that or I need to find another source of income to fund my traveling addiction.

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