by - Monday, August 20, 2012

I can't stand moochers.

You know... the ones that always ask for money for coffee, or for the bus... or the ones that tie doing things at work to having someone buy them a coffee.

I hate to say this... but I'm pretty sure a PAYCHECK is the "reward" for doing your assigned work, not a coffee bought for you with money out of someone's pocket (you know... that they worked for).

The ones that you know how much money they make... and can see how much (or can get a good idea based on the way they live) they waste.

Especially the ones, who while at work, sit and cry on the phone for someone to pay their bills for them because they just. can't. do. it.

When you know they've just booked a flight for an international vacation.

When you know that they spend money on hair extensions (that don't even match the colour of their hair properly).

When you know they have at least two grande Starbucks coffees per day.

Being an adult isn't hard... it just means you have to act responsibly and not whine and moan and beg when things don't go your way... especially when it's because of decisions you make!

Down with moochers!  Buy your own damn coffee!

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