Team Peacock

by - Friday, August 17, 2012

So... Calgary has a pretty awesome zoo (as far as zoos go).

Wandering around the zoo are peacocks... pretty to look at, but in my opinion, you just let them be.  Take your picture, instagram it, but don't bug them.

Kind of like when you see an unfamiliar dog on the street... you don't bug it in case it's a rabid pit bull or something.

Well - it turns out that a peacock (or whatever it is a female peacock is called) "attacked" a 2-year-old girl last week.

Am I the only person* who thinks the mother of this little girl is more to blame than the peacock?

I mean... her daughter kneeled just feet in front of a rather large bird... no - she didn't poke the bird, but she approached it from the front.  That is a type of provoking, albeit not intentional.

Over a million visitors to the Calgary Zoo this year, and only three instances of peacocks behaving badly.

I can think of more than three kids behaving badly on my last visit there.  And we don't lock them up in cages (even if I wanted to, it's apparently not politically correct to do that).

I'm definitely Team Peacock on this one.  Teach your kids to behave in unfamiliar situations, and don't blame a freaking animal at a zoo, since I'm pretty sure the definition of zoo is "where the animals are"!

* Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks like this as confirmed by the Global Calgary poll of the day.

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  1. I heart the zoo!! my only encounters with peacocks are always when i visit a historical plantation in Charleston, SC..the peacocks run free and are mainly congregated at the snack bar. The noises they make are rivaled by no other!!

    but I'd have to can be taught and redirected, don't expect a peacock to have any rationale!! i have no sympathy for children so i'll keep my mouth shut. I think that my parents taught me what to do growing I would have never approached a "wild animal" and I just don't get it...