Black Friday Invades Canada!

by - Friday, November 23, 2012

And really... I don't care.

Probably because we're such a polite bunch up here nobody will get trampled.  I mean - it isn't a real Black Friday until someone loses their life in the stampede for the last Furby in Walmart right?

What I find funny though is the reaction on Twitter to this *new* Canadian tradition.

Some people are all "seems so (blah, blah, blah) that people are spending so much money on things they don't need only one day after being thankful for what they already have"...

First off... Canada had Thanksgiving a month ago... so up here that point is moot.

Second... we've had our own version of Black Friday for years... we call it Boxing Day.  Which is the day after Christmas.  Yet another day after we're all supposed to be thankful and stuff.  So yeah... pot calling kettle black on that one.

It's a bit different here - I mean, stores opening at 6am really doesn't mean much since most of the population is working.  We don't get the Friday off just to shop.  But Boxing Day?  People are lined up starting on Christmas Day for the exact same thing that Americans (and now Canadians) start lining up on Thanksgiving for... I really hope that the same people I see "complaining" about Black Friday complain the same about Boxing Day, and I don't see them tweeting or status updating all the deals that they got.

I personally couldn't give two craps whether or not Black Friday is celebrated in Canada or not.  To me, it potentially allows some people, through lower prices, to even be able to afford Christmas presents for their loved ones.

For others... it means a new TV.  Or gaming system.

Whatever.  It's not my money.  I say bring on the sales!

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  1. i avoid the stores here on black friday! it is just insane! people are so out of control, I want no parts of it!!

  2. i totally agree.