I Wish Them Herpes of the Soul

by - Sunday, November 18, 2012

Know what sucks?

Having your neighbour knock on your door and ask if you meant to leave all four windows of your car open*.

Going outside only to see your driver's side door locks pried and your glove compartment rummaged through.

Nothing stolen, just rummaged through.

But I'll be out time and money while it all gets sorted out.

All because someone felt the need to break into my car. And steal nothing. Not even an iPhone charging cord. Nothing.

Jerks. I hope they get herpes of the soul. That's if they don't have it already.

*One thing I am rather perplexed with is how they got all the windows down. My car windows are power windows, and the culprits had no power. Definitely something to ask about when my car is getting fixed.

Thanks to Niki for the title of this post.

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  1. that sucks!
    My car was broken into a few months ago too (i left it unlocked so i guess it was partly my fault). All they took was my TomTom. Not even the change sitting in the cup holder.

    They were jerks too. Maybe the same jerks.