Auschwitz... words can't do the experience justice

by - Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Auschwitz deserves its own post.

It is amazing. In a completely fucked up way.  The only thing that kept crossing my mind was how people could think of doing this to people.

Lining them up. Selecting those to work and those to die.

Performing medical testing. Giving people leprosy just to see how it spreads.

Walking people to the gas chambers.

Taking their bodies, by the hundreds, and putting them into giant crematoriums.

Then putting their ashes into the nearby river.

Not just the Jews.

Two buildings... called Kanada I and Kanada II... named because Canada was seen as the land of plenty... but really it's where the Nazi deloused the belongings of the prisoners to be reused or resold.

I hate that they used *my* country's name like that.

Seeing a room with tonnes of human hair... literally tonnes of hair that was shaved off the prisoners heads upon arrival.

Pictures really can't do it justice.

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