Back on the Blogging Bandwagon...

by - Saturday, February 20, 2016

So, by now, all of my faithful readers have disappeared, because you all think I got so lost in New Zealand, that I'd never be able to blog again. 

Seriously - my last post is a recap of New Zealand... almost a year ago. I didn't blog about Australia, or anything since then. I haven't blogged about my next vacation, about how the Canucks are killing me this season, or... well, anything. 

I need this outlet. I live by myself - which is fine, and as an introvert, I value my alone time. But it means a lot of time to think. I already suffer from mild depression and anxiety (and take medication for it), but when I have bad thoughts, I have no one to talk to them about, so they just keep bouncing around in my head. 

So - I'm going to start using this forum again as an avenue to get my thoughts out, as random as they are. Maybe that will allow my brain to shut down every once in awhile. 


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