The Evil Empire meets Nimble Fingers...

by - Thursday, April 05, 2007

Okay - the Evil Empire is the Girl Guides... it is freaking cookie time again, and I got suckered (although it didn't take much did it Leone?) to buy two boxes... I could have bought more, but since I will probably eat both boxes by the end of the day, I figured that I would like to have my pants fit me tomorrow so I stopped at two boxes... oh the day when the cookies were only $2.00 a box (I am totally dating myself there - I remember the uproar when they went to $2.25)... they are now $4.00 a box. But they are the good cookies - not the evil impostor minty ones... these are the real ones - chocolaty goodness on one side, heavenly vanilla on the other...

As for nimble fingers... I did a little surgery at lunch today - my new $104.99 bra was digging into my armpit - so out came the sewing machine and presto-fixo, my new bra feels like heaven again...

Oh - I got some cool stamps from Pink Cat Studios in the mail today - and she even added a couple of little freebies. I love freebies! I have FOUR days to create this weekend, I actually want to make a couple of craft sale cards to start building inventory.

And in case anyone cares, Canada is leading Australia 5-3 in the 7th end of the World Curling Championships - Canada has the hammer... I love TSN broadband!!

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  1. Mmmmm, weekend to stamp. Awesome! I will be home saturday night so I will have a couple days to relax and do some crafting.. and laundry.