The Canadian Government... Our Finest at Work...

by - Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wasting my freaking tax dollars again... visit to sign a petition and find out the issue at hand... I can't believe they passed a motion in the House of Commons to require Hockey Canada to explain their choice as Shane Doan as captain of the Canadian team... shouldn't we worry more about issues like health care, the role of the Canadian troops in the war on Iraq, and perhaps taxes???

12:30 UPDATE: There are now over 2100 "signatures" on the website... Adam Sobkow (who started the site) is going to do a radio broadcast on The Team 1040 AM at 2:20 PST... at 9:00 this morning I was about the 650th person to sign up - there are also stories on TSN about the site! Woot!

4:00 UPDATE: 6700 "signatures" and counting... keep 'em coming!

8:20 UPDATE: OVER 11,000 "signatures" - and the Canucks just tied it up!!

8:35 UPDATE: almost 12,000 "signatures" - and we are going to OT!

8:45 UPDATE: Where the HELL is Luongo?? Sabourin?? Are they nuts???

8:55 UPDATE: Phew - Luongo is back... although I will give credit to Sabourin for a couple of nice saves. How the heck am I supposed to stamp with all of this going on???

9:20 UPDATE: End of first OT... almost 12,500 "signatures"... my heart can't handle this...

9:37 UPDATE: Pardon my language, but FUCK! No more Canucks... enjoy the golfing boys - you deserve it (except Luongo... MVP! MVP! MVP!)... over 12,600 "signatures" if you care...

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  1. Hey there Carmen,
    Thanks for the 'heads up' on the Doan petition. Both my hubby and I have signed...if you want a laugh look at my comments - post 10,052 (page 68)
    My hubby liked it so much he talked me into submitting as a letter to the editor the the Vancouver Province. So I changed it a little as an open letter to the MP's.
    Back to watch the game....I'm gonna' have a heart attack if this game goes to OT!!
    C ya'!