I Posted Every Day this Month

by - Friday, October 31, 2008

And all I got was this stupid badge.

No - I totally don't think that it is stupid... I was just going along with the saying. This badge was harder to earn than any Brownie or Guide badge... except the hostess one. For some reason I had a mental block about which side of the plate the knife went on...

This month has brought me some great new highs (like all of my new blogging friends... we have never met but after reading about your lives daily, I think in a weird sort-of non-freaky way that we are on the same level and if I were to meet you I think we would all get along great)... and some lows (like when my boss basically said in not-so-many words that I should just get over feeling overwhelmed because the previous two girls in my position did it alone... needless to say they didn't do it alone during the busiest time of the semester, after being on the job two months while training two new people... oh yeah - and I actually haven't officially been trained myself - thank god I have done this type of work before or I would be screwed... my boss kind of forgets that the new girls have had more time sitting in his office in the last week than I have in the last two months combined... for which I am actually grateful).

I have been on dates with two different people... and have been broken up with even though I wasn't even dating the guy.

I have accumulated no less than four new pairs of shoes this month.

And I have been watching what I eat and working out at least three times per week.

I love the fact that my fellow bloggers link to my blog... and that my friends is the bestest compliment in the world that my ranting, raving and rambling is actually interesting - and you keep coming back for more.

Because this is my blog, and this is who I am.

And I posted every day this month.


Happy Halloween... it sounds like this halloween is a win for Obama...

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  1. Anonymous8:28 AM

    At least you've got the shoes thing going for you, right? Congrats!

  2. That is honestly impressive. Anyone with a blog knows that's a legit compliment!

    Your blogs about your boss and work make me feel not so alone...

  3. Well, here's to your accomplishment and you're one of the people that's inspired me to try this for November. We'll see how long I last! lol

  4. Ah crap, I thought november was the month.. er, now that I think about it november is nanowrimo isn't it... I mixed up my na-wrimos.

    That all made sense in my head.

  5. Impressive lady! I'm going for the NaBloMoPo whatever the hell it's called for November...weekends are hard posts!

  6. I'm from Toronto but now I live in San Francisco. I found your blog cuz I was doing a google image search for bangs and haircuts (cuz i want a new haircut with bangs, and wanted to find a good photo I can show my stylist).

    Coincidentally, I have a friend named Carmen in Calgary! Pretty funny. She's not 30 though, and I'm not sure she has very many pairs of shoes.

    Anyway! Hope my comment here added a bit of funny randomness to your day.

    Sigh. It's been cold in SF. I could really use a medium regular right now ;)