Military Guys Do It Better...

by - Saturday, November 01, 2008

So... when thoroughly bored at a career fair what else is there to do but flirt with guys from the Canadian Navy at the booth across from you?

Damn they are inventive though.

Take one Navy t-shirt wrapped in Navy plastic bracelet thing.

Add one Vanguard Mk2 bomb disposal robot with a little set of claws to put the t-shirt in.
And you get a bunch of flirting Canadian Navy officers.

Although it is actually quite alarming to have a Vanguard Mk2 bomb disposal robot goose you on the ass while holding a t-shirt in his little pincher.

To flirt back...

Take said Vanguard Mk2 bomb disposal robot and a little pack of my work's advertising post-it notes send the little robot back with a little present.

If I was thinking I would have stuck my business card in the little claws... why is it that I think of that crap after I leave the Career Fair?

And why after talking to Mr. Hottie Navy Guy did I not enquire as to whether he would like to go for drinks tonight? Oh yeah... because he lives in Victoria. But boy - did he provide some serious eye candy for the past two days. And his little robot was cute too.

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  1. You also could have written your number on the Post-Its. :)

  2. Hee. little robot. That is code.

    Please note: my word verification is HOTin.