Let the Overanalyzing Begin!

by - Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Date last night...

Fun times... no real lull in conversation.

He is cute... not my 'normal'' type - but honestly what did my 'normal' type get be before except a divorce?

Went to a neighbourhood pub... unfortunately it was karaoke night... was forced to listen to a guy who looked like the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons torture Metallica songs...

Afterwards... talked in the parking lot where I swear there were 100 km/hr winds... and I was so cold even my knees were chattering.

And then we made out... in the parking lot... because apparently I am 17 again and can use the term 'make out'...

Now I feel the need to start overanalyzing every little move made last night.

'Cause that is just what I do...

Perhaps I should really just wait to see if he does indeed call for a second date.

See... overanalyzing already... sheesh.

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  1. Well did he get to cop a feel or what??

  2. Sometimes "make out" is just the right phrase. And doesn't it always lend it self to over-analyzing?

  3. i love the making out, I actually went to sleep wondering about how this guy I met kisses. Man either way enjoy it while it lasts. Before long you wont analyze shit you will exist. sorry bitter here