To Kiss or Not to Kiss... That is the Question...

by - Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Landon: I might kiss you.
Jamie: I might be bad at it.
Landon: That's not possible.
-A Walk to Remember

Bullshit. I totally call bullshit on that quote...

I wonder if everyone thinks that they are a good kisser?

I mean... really... I have met my fair share of good kissers... but I have also had the misfortune of:

a) overly slobbery kissers... the guys who apparently want to up my liquid consumption... I know I don't drink enough water in the day - but I sure as heck do not need to swallow your spit thankyouverymuch.

b) the 'tongue olympics' kissers... the ones that use their tongue like a pole vault in my mouth... like holy crap - are you trying to dig holes in there or something? Relax buddy...

c) the teeth-licking kissers... constantly having one run their tongue on my teeth makes me feel like I need to visit the dentist...

And I am sure there are others that I have just tried to block from my memory. I like to think I am a good kisser... I have been told I am... and never told I am not.

That said... did I tell any of the above crappy-kissing offenders that they sucked at kissing? No...

But this is my blog and if I say I am a good kisser you will just all have to believe me.

If you are single I could even show you...

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  2. Oh god the tongue olympics kissers are the worst. It is like they are raping my mouth.

  3. ugh I hate the slobber-er YUCK

    Get your drool off my face

  4. I lord I hate the lizard kissers lol. But I too think I am an awesome kisser.