Trevor Linden... why the name??

by - Thursday, February 02, 2006

Okay - so since this website is called Trevor Linden, maybe I should write about the guy. It all started because 16 was my favorite number - now it is kind of an obsession. Not to the point of stalking, but I would have to admit pretty close. I have about 200+ different Trevor Linden hockey cards, bobbleheads, figurines, autographed pictures - even a decorative Trevor Linden plate. He is Mr. Canuck!!

Back to my travels. I am now only 12 days away from leaving for the Dominican Republic. I am getting so excited. I have been tanning - but those who know me know that basically I am just getting to be a darker shade of white, not brown. I just hope that I don't burn to a crisp down there. I am going to buy an extra bottle of sunscreen today - I don't know if one bottle of 45SPF will be enough.

I hear the rum is the thing to buy in the Dominican Republic. So I am going to go on a tour that takes us to the Brugal Rum Factory, the Amber Museum and the Fortaleza de San Felipe. Other than that I plan on sitting on the beach (probably in the shade), reading a book and drinking slushy-fruity drinks all days long!!

And on top of that there is now only 69 days until Las Vegas as well. I am planning a couple of things to do down there as well. One is to visit this stamping store called Viva Las Vegas Stamps and I am also going to stop by Hart and Huntington - the tattoo shop featured in A&E's Inked. I am not planning on getting a tattoo - just a t-shirt and some pictures of the place!

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