Prince George Makes it on Jay Leno's Headlines

by - Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So - I was watching Headlines with Jay Leno on Monday - and much to my surprise, Prince George was mentioned. Now - I know that this is OLD news, as Mama Panda's has been shut down for a few years (they must store the good headlines for use on a slow night). But - here are the pictures that were shown. It is so awesome!!

This is what Jay said (from the NBC website) - "Thirteen people fell ill in Prince George last month after eating from a buffet that a customer had vomited on. How does that work?! You're standing there with your tray and somebody pukes… Ohhhhhhh…. Alright, I'll try and work around the chickpeas…. How hungry are you that you're willing to do that?!". PRICELESS!

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