by - Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Okay - so I have been neglecting posting actual messages for the last little while. I can't figure out which ad is making the stupid smilies pop up - as soon as I do it it outta here!

I have added more people to my list of SCS awesome artists. I wish that I had the talent to even copy some of their work.

You may have noticed that I have added a Puerto Vallarta Weather Pixie. That is where I plan on going next year. TWO WEEKS! Direct from good old PG!

So - I am planning my craft fair entries already for the fall. I am in the UNBC Artisan's of the North Fair, the Kelly Road fair, and I just called the lady for the College Heights craft fair. Hopefully I can make tonnes of moola!

I am still deciding on the rest of my holidays - do I do two weeks at once, or spread it out for two one-week stints???? Do I do my road trip through Alberta, Montana, Idaho and Washington???? What to do????

Well, that is all for now - more later!! Oh - and GO OILERS GO!

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