Happy National Card Making Day!

by - Sunday, October 08, 2006

Betcha didn't even know that it was today eh? This is a different sort of holiday - not one created by the greeting card world to get you to buy cards, but rather by the scrapbooking/papercrafting/stamping industry to get you to buy stuff to MAKE the cards. So - this is a 'holiday' in which you actually have to work!

Here are a couple of cards that I managed to pump out tonight even in the midst of my Dayquil induced cold "coma"... after loading these up I am dipping into the Nyquil for a great nights' sleep! These are very traditional colors, but not traditional holiday stamps - both are just regular flower stamps made Christmassy!

Stamps by Stampin' Up!, Inkadinkado and Paper Inspirations. Ink from Color Box and Stampin' Up. Ribbon, paper and embossing powder - source unknown.

Oh - and Happy Turkey Day weekend fellow Canadians! I will be cooking myself a bird on Monday - then it will be turkey sandwiches for like six weeks unless I can get someone over to help me eat the bird!

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  1. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Love the wreath made with flowers, thanks for the idea!! Great to see a guys blog once :)

  2. I think people think you are Trevor Linden!! Some people jyst may not know who he is and what he does.

  3. Ha - yes way to go Trevor Linden - you are one hell of a stamper :)

    happy turkey day to you! it is turkey night at our house tomorrow night - my parents are supposed to come over but we will see... lord knows I never know what to expect with them... they could show up at 8am and be asking for turkey! - mom said she was making a pumpkin cheesecake but this could turn into a lame cake because... 'well I just didn't have time' - whining finished - I will go back to my blog to complain some more :)