Who says Kitchens are for Cooking???

by - Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is what happens when you have a successful craft fair and only two weekends to prepare for the next big one (I was smart and took Cathie's idea to drop from the Sacred Heart fair - I would have to craft all night long and then crafting wouldn't be a stress relief - it would be stressful!).

Here is my kitchen - aka Coaster Heaven...

And this is only half of it - the other side of the sink is covered too!! Now I am off to package up some magnets that I made last night before heading to bed... I am getting up early tomorrow morning to head to Walmart to get 50% off Halloween candy - I stopped counting at 250 kids at my door before I turned off all the lights and hid in my craft room...

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  1. Have you slept lately? Looks very good though. Wish as I said I could attend one of the PG fairs but I am hoping to head to Millarville for their big Christmas fair.

  2. 250 kids - holy crow! I had two... two kids and they weren't even kids - they were at least 14.

    I finally gave up hope at 6:15 and took Kyle to four houses. I'll post pics later tonight.

    Good luck with all the crafting... I wish I could do more. I'm hoping to just finish all my scrapbooking before christmas but at the rate I'm working on it... well it will never happen. You keep me motivated though - keep up the great work!