Yes... I'm Still Here...

by - Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Okay - so my world now consists of my day job and my night job... stamping!! I have loosely figured out that I need to make 3-4 different designs every night until my next craft fair to build enough inventory to take me through the next two craft fairs. That, along with making more magnets, magnetic poetry, wooden ornaments and microscope slide ornaments - well, lets just say that I am glad that this weekend is a holiday weekend!

But... stupid University... we are the only people in the whole world (I may be slightly exaggerating there) that have FRIDAY off, and not MONDAY - what is up with that??? I mean, I think that it is kind of nice to have a whole day off and places like the bank will be open, but why us? Darned academic calendar!

Well, I had best get back to work (which these days is consisting of comping up with new ideas via the internet and various stamping/papercrafting blogs)... toodles!

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  1. Don't wrok too either job!!! You must also enjoy your time..although I know Stamping is really fun for you.

    Good to hear you are keeping busy. I was going to try and come this weekend but just doesn't work out.

  2. Oh and yes I can spell and read before I publish!!