Still Sick...

by - Monday, February 26, 2007

Well, contrary to my ETA post last night - the ginger ale and crackers came up last night... but today I have graduated to apple sauce and chicken noodle soup, so I think that I am on the mend.

That said - my physical health may be better, but my psychological health seems to be failing... I missed a meeting at work today - yet another meeting to discuss our reorganization - and fancy that - Tweedledee, Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber still have nothing productive to say. It amazes me that they can put three people in charge of seven people that actually know what they are doing... and they still try and bully people around. My sources state that nothing was accomplished except telling us that we couldn't go to certain meetings, then backing down after twenty minutes of us (I have inserted myself in us since I know that I would have agreed with my peeps) telling them why we should go to the meetings - in the end we can go to meetings.

But, the sad thing about this is that I am going from a job that I really like to one that I have to use one of my co-workers new mantras "same pay, less work". But what it really makes me want to do is a crappy job so that the people above me are fired... since they have been set with quotas that even if we don't make - there is nothing that they can do to us - gotta love the union!

I am going back to bed... and get myself back on the mend!!

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