Going to the K-dot...

by - Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hmmm... the last couple of days have been a blur... work has been super busy (not because of all the crap - it is just a normal busy time)... we lost in hockey last night and I got a puck to the side of the foot... needless to say I know that there is a bruise there but it is so deep that I can't see it...

Tomorrow Jen and I are going to the big city... or should I say the same-sized city in the south... we are going to watch our beloved Cougars {beat} the Blazers... should be fun - I have watched Cougars games in Vancouver, but never in Kamloops. We are going to live high on the hog - well, we are staying downtown and perhaps we will go to a decent non-PG restaurant for dinner. All I ask is that sometime we can go through the White Spot drive-thru, I love White Spot and we don't have a drive-thru one here.

Here is a Bella card that I started last night... it isn't much but I like the look of it. I love my new fake Ott light and how there is no longer a yellow hue to my pictures.

Stamp by Stamping Bella, ric rac from Walmart, unknown source for brads and paper, Stampin' Up! watercolor crayons, Staz On ink.

If Jen brings her laptop (since I know she is addicted to reading her e-mail this is a definite possibility) to Kamloops I may make a post or two... if not I'll chat with you all later!

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  1. Ohh, let me know how it went! Now I'm craving burgers. Hmm, I think the diner delivers burgers. And milkshakes. I'm going to weigh five-hundred pounds when I get home. You know this, right?