What Goes Around, Comes Around...

by - Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Okay, so when my ex was deciding to get some balls and end our relationship (for which I am eternally grateful), his confidant was his RCMP buddy Pete. The same Pete who the night before our wedding threw a glass at my neighbours house in a drunked rage, and the same Pete who the cab wouldn't pick up at our house because he was too drunk. For some reason, even though he was an idiot, my ex turned to Pete for advice on what to do about our relationship. Pete obviously told him to leave, since my ex has no mind of his own. I have never been fond of Pete... but what goes around, comes around.

ETA - Jen just reminded me that Pete also broke my ex's cell phone that night as well - what a loser...

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  1. Holy crap! This is too funny!! Thanks for a great laugh!
    p.s. How is PG doing? My Giants lost the first one...but I wore my lucky t-shirt today so they'll definitely win again tonight! I've been so busy I haven't been keeping track of WHL stuff. We have tickets for the Canucks game tomorrow night...yeeehaw!! I almost stalked the guy who won the Linden jersey the other night! How dare he take what is rightfully mine...hehehe!
    C ya'!