Holy Crap... Another Post!!

by - Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Okay... so there are a couple of things that I forgot to talk about in yesterday's post...

First is that my loss of stamping/crafting mojo has also changed my blog reading patterns... it used to be that every day I would log onto Google Reader and get caught up on what Julie HRR or Taylor would post (along with about 100 other great bloggers)... now I don't know the last time that I logged in... I think I even missed the SCS mid-month reveal of the Dirty Dozen - two months in a row... WTF???

Damn... I totally had another reason as to why I wanted to do another post... maybe it had something to do with my slight continuing addiction to Facebook... I am now at 192 friends... a friend whore as Jen would say... but I am loving it - and I have been in contact with friends that I hadn't spoken to in ages and it is awesome. I am also enjoying keeping people on their toes with my witty status updates... hmmmm... it is still ticking me off that I can't remember the second thing that I wanted to talk about... oh well... perhaps it will lead to a further post later in the day... or maybe not.

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  1. When you remember your second point - you can use it as an update in facebook...


    I like your blog. I'm part of a more exclusive club here. On facebook I'm one of, well, hundreds obviously.