Basic Grey...

by - Saturday, November 17, 2007

Doesn't ANYONE in Calgary sell the Basic Grey Figgy paper... anyone??? Freaking city of a million people and I can't find one freaking sheet... good think I ordered some 6x6 books of it from Anna...

Oh - and if anyone happens to see my little bird stamps (mentioned in my previous post)... can you let me know... they seem to have flown away... perhaps they didn't like the little baggie they were in and wanted to be stamped by people who actually use their stamps... I really like those little birdies...

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  1. Nope...never have any luck in this dang town (and if Scrapbookers Paradise has any BG, it is always from two years ago!). I order a number of items from here:

    She has the Figgy Pudding 6 x 6 paper pad...I have to stop shopping though!

  2. Okay, my rant time - there is ONE stinking shop in town and they have a preferred customer card... $39.99 to buy it.



    I miss you.

  3. Sorry about the birdies.

    You're posting a lot lately. This is cool.

  4. I just told Allison about this too ...... (and added your blog to my Calgary list) ..... new store in the same complex as Moments but more by the pasta shop called The Scrap Yard. They carry all the BG lines all the time. Figgy Pudding ind sheets in stock as well as packs, 6x6 etc .... also blitzen, dasher and all the other current lines. Two scoops on order.... its my new source as SP always seem to be out of stock.

  5. Realized that you are new here and Moments might not mean anything ...... Canyon Meadows just east of Mcleod ... hope that helps... welcome to Cowtown!