Introducing the Newest Member of My Family...

by - Saturday, September 06, 2008

My new 2008 Volkswagon City Golf! She (I think all cars, like boats are shes) is beee-utiful! She comes with some very cool options... like power EVERYTHING, standard ABS breaks, a cool plug-in for my iPod... not to mention the 8 speakers, heated seats (yeah... that was a little luxury I threw in for myself), tinted windows (another little luxury since I wanted it on my current car and never got around to it), seats that go up, down, back, front, tilt - pretty much everything but have an ejection button... I think I am in love...

I pick it up on Tuesday. Until then I will lovingly baby my 'old' car... the car that apparently isn't worth a bag of pucks (luckily I took good care of it so it was worth the highest the black book would allow)... until I ditch it for my new baby.

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  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt!!!!!!!!

    I lurve VW Golfs!