Sunday Hottie of the Week

by - Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today, after watching curling on TV for the majority of the weekend (because, you know, that is what the cool Canadian kids do), I bring you the Sunday Hottie of the Week - Curling Edition.

What you may ask? Hot men that curl? And to that I give a resounding YES! I am not saying they are all lookers, but these talented men (and there are very talented ladies as well!) can sure get my blood boiling with a thread through the hole or a double take-out.

So... here are a few of those Hot Men of Curling...

John Morris, Team Alberta (Canada) and current World Champion... yes - that is a screwed up hand from a bar fight he was in just before the Canadian Championships in 2008. Curlers are tough as well!
David Murdoch, Team Scotland
Thomas Ulsrud, Team Norway
Ralph Stockli, Team Switzerland

Yes... there are hot men that curl. Don't even get me started on the hot men that play hockey...

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  1. may i add paul gross in men with brooms? not a professional curler, but he made me want to yell, "huuuurry!" ;)

  2. Is John Morris BAG?

  3. Anonymous12:43 AM

    MUAH!! I adore you right now.

    Why you ask?



    And he's TOTALLY a Sunday hottie. Hahah, when I opened up your blog I had to do about 84 double takes. I was all, John?! Huh?! Carmen?! John?! Hahah.

    I met him when I moved to Calgary in '05, and we hung out daily until I left. I miss the boy, he is truly one of the best people I've ever met. Oh God, I'm going to get all sappy over not being able to see him constantly anymore. Uh, yeah, he's that awesome. (/End Sarah-John history lesson).

    (Also? I loooove that you adore curling. I really got into it after meeting John, and even though Ju makes fun of me all the time for watching it, I love the sport. And occassionaly attend my parents curling tournaments, but keep that on the DL. Thanks ;))

  4. Anonymous12:45 AM

    Wait. Ps. What does BAG mean? Hehe.