Children as Pawns...

by - Monday, October 05, 2009

I fecking hate people who drag their children into supporting their cause*.

Especially when their cause is pro-life.

Hey - let's line up on the side of a busy freaking main arterial road with pro-life signs, and have our seven year old kids help out as traffic zings by at 80 km/hr.

I do not believe in abortion as a form of birth control.

But I do believe that there are times in a woman's when an abortion may be the best choice available.

And for some dickwad parent to stand with their kid on the side of the road with their pro-life sign and saying different... well - it really just pisses me off. Do they really think having an abortion is an easy decision to make? Do people need to have "baby killer" signs shoved in their face? No.

I think everyone needs to watch the episode of Degrassi where one of the twins has an abortion... and then try and tell me that having an abortion is an easy decision to make.

It is a woman's choice. And no damn sign on the side of the road will change my opinion of that.

* As a side, I also dislike (but not hate - hate is too strong a word to use here) parents that dress their children in Flames jerseys/outfits. Especially when they are a) too young to take the jersey off and b) too young to know that the Flames suck.

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  1. sarahdotcom5:38 PM

    Hah. I'm right with you through this all. ESPECIALLY the side note.

  2. i agree with you completely ... except i really have no opinion on the flames. the protestors show up in halifax from time to time ... they anger me.

  3. I hate that. Some people did that -- with some kids in strollers -- in a busy office park at lunch. And let me tell you, people CANNOT drive around there, there are always fender-benders. Usually nothing serious, unless they end up sliding/swerving off the road into THE HELPLESS CHILD IN THE STROLLER.

    It took all I had not to tell those people to stop worrying about others' unborn babies and start looking out for the safety of their own.

  4. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I completely agree with you. Why must they drag their poor kids into it?

  5. Carmen- Too funny...I was having this exact, same argument with my mother the other day as we drove by a group of pro-life protesters (funny "pro" "pro")who were using their children to hold up signs. For the next 45 minutes, I went off using the same logic you presented.
    My mother did not change her mind though.
    Too funny.

  6. Oh yeah. You tell it!

    And when the kids are next to the road, all I think is "see! You all NEVER care about them once they're born!!"

    The flames comment made me snort.