by - Thursday, February 04, 2010

February 8th marks the one year anniversary of my stepfathers death.

Today my mom got the bill for his ride to the hospital in the ambulance.

370 days after the ride.

Seriously? They've given her 30 days to pay the bill when it took them 370 days to send the bill? After she called about it on three different occassions?

The money isn't the issue... it is the fact that it took over a year to send a bill. It's either the BC government's fault for not paying the ambulance attendants a fair wage (so they are on a work to rule strike meaning they don't do paperwork - therefor not sending out bills in a timely fashion) or the BC Ambulance people themselves' fault for not sending out the bill because they are in a pissing match with the government. I don't really care - I just find it irresponsible and unreasonable.

But my mom did get a goddamn form letter condolence letter.

I personally choose to blame the BC government because the Premier, Gordon Campbell, is a prick.

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  1. That's beyond ridiculous. BEYOND.

  2. Ew. This disgusts me. I'm sorry. <3

  3. I agree.. I would vote for a turd before I voted for Gordon Campbell.. I suggest someone start a group on FB seeing who would win in an election.. Gordon Campbell or a turd!! I know an onion ring is winning over Stephen Harper.. lol.

  4. maybe they felt a year was enough buffer to not be offended? i dunno....it sounds shitty to me!