Where in the World is Quatchi? Day 5

by - Friday, February 19, 2010

Sorry guys... I was recovering from a massive heart attack last night when Canada decided to screw the pooch and go to A SHOOT OUT with the Swiss in men's hockey... I swear... they are trying to kill me.Check out this post for more on the "Where in the World is Quatchi?" contest.

If for some reason you can't comment on this post... feel free to tweet me your guess at @carmenincalgary.

In other news... I am finally in possession of a bobsledding Quatchi!! He isn't in a wrapper... but at this point - I don't care! The McDonald's employee was very apologetic that he didn't have his instructions... little did he know I was weeping with joy that I had actually found him (without stealing one of the display units - which was honestly my next plan of attack... and I still may do it to secure one for @Kimli).

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  1. Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

  2. Sarajevo.. and I changed one of my other answers when trying to figure out this one..