A Full Day in Dublin

by - Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I decided that being on my feet for eight hours straight would be fun. So, I bought myself a Dublin Pass for 35 euros and took in the following sites:
- Jameson Distillery (worth a visit at full price, and there is nothing like Irish whisky at 11 in the morning - hey, I mixed it!)

- Guinness Storehouse (since I think Guinness tastes like dirty toilet water, I didn't partake in the "free" drink. I'm glad I didn't pay 15 euros to get in, that's for sure)
- Kilmainham Gaol (that's jail in Gaelic. The tour guide was great, and apart from some fellow annoying tourists, well worth the price of admission. And make sure you go to the teahouse for a scone. They're to die for)
- Christ Church Cathedral (I'm not Catholic so most of it goes above my head. But it had pretty stained glass windows. Not sure I'd pay 6 euro on it's own though)
- Dublinia (total waste of time. Yes, I know that Vikings came to Dublin, but I'm fairly sure they didn't come in cartoon form)
- the New Wax Museum (don't ever pay 10 euros to go in there. Ever. Total waste of money. Except the wax Harry Potter. He was kinda cool)

A couple of things I've noticed... Dublin could do a better job of marking their streets. I mean, I know they mark them on the buildings and that's cool - except when they miss a few streets. Then you get lost. Maybe. And... I should have brought sunscreen. Who would've thunk that Dublin would've been sunny all day long?

Tomorrow I'm off to Galway and the Cliffs of Moher. Except for the 6 am wakeup call I'm very excited!

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  1. the street markings get worse the smaller the city is. Also sometimes they rename streets without changing the signs. Also half the signs measure distance in km and the other half in miles. Also I seriously want some Murphy's and can't find it in Canada.

  2. I'm so excited for you!! I went to most of those places.

    Galway is by far my favourite town! I couldn't get enough of it!

  3. The old jails in melbourne are gaols.