Bonny Scotland

by - Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes... I'm still alive. Barely. I just about punched the Irish Sea in the gut on the way from Belfast to Scotland... even the girl selling coffee was a nice shade of emerald green, so I knew it wasn't just me. But I arrived, with the helpful assistance of a nice train conductor (every time I think of that I think about Thomas the Train)...

Some things about Glasgow...
- there are 76 stairs to my hostel room from the main lobby. I've walked those stairs nine times now (at least).
- Glasgow seems like a party city to me - it doesn't showcase the history like I was hoping - but the shopping has been better here than anywhere else.
- I went and saw the "Essence if Ireland" last night (yeah - in Scotland) and it was a blast. I sat beside a lovely older couple, and the show was a great mix of dancing and singing. I could've done without the Celine Dion song, but the rest was great.
- I'm getting sick. So I'm taking British cold medicine to try and kill it. God knows what drugs I've ingested - but let's just say I've never heard of any of them except Panadol.
- I think I'm addicted to Irn Bru.

Tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh. Then it's an overnight to the Scottish Highlands - I've very much enjoyed my day trips out of the city so far, so I'm hoping for the best with this one.

Maybe I'll even see Nessie.

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  1. Jenny from the Block12:30 AM

    Hahah, I will be sure to tell my mom that you think Glasgow is a party city! She will love that being her hometown and such ... looking forward to the photos! Safe travels!

  2. ohhhh i was mildly obessed w/the loch ness monster for a long time. i dont care what people say, im a believer!!!!!!

    hope you catch a photo!!!!!

  3. I positively ADORE Edinburgh- have a balst!!!

  4. Ah yes, I love Irn Bru. Makes me proud to be Scottish...