Score one for the icy front walk...

by - Monday, January 13, 2014

Warning! Graphic pictures ahead!

All I wanted was to go to Shoppers Drug Mart and buy some water. 

I ended up taking an ambulance ride and having surgery to repair a broken leg and dislocated ankle. Just so you know... my feet "should" be facing the same direction. 
A picture taken by my wonderful EMT...
Yeah... let's just say my front walk was a bit icy, and I have a titanium plate and eight screws in my ankle to prove it. 

I'm home now. Off work for two weeks, then to the cast clinic to get my stitches/staples out and then four more weeks of either a hard cast or walking boot. 

Followed by six weeks of physio. 

My view for the next two weeks. 
I leave for Iceland in 90 days. Let's just hope I'm a quick healer. 

If anyone needs me I'll be mainlining milk and eating calcium pills by the vat. 

And resigning up for a Netflix account. 

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  1. Holy geez!!! How are you feeling now? Is the pain level alright?

  2. eek, this is just awful!! i can't imagine how this feels! (my brother took an icy spill about 10 yrs ago had screws and plates, and subsequent surgeries, and problems from these being in his body). speedy recovery and sending positive thoughts your way!!!!