For the Love of the All Mighty SBJ

by - Saturday, May 30, 2009

OH MY FUCKING GOD... he just texted me... so I guess he really has absolutely no clue that the ex-LIGF and I are in cahoots...

Later on I will have a great post of all the ideas that me and the girls came up with last night. Surprisingly, none of them actually involved cutting off his peen and putting it in a blender...

That is why I like my girls... they come up with horrendous plans that won't get me nicknamed Loreena Bobbit. Or put in jail (well, for a long time anyways... maybe just overnight...).

ETA... I got a fucking GROUP TEXT... turns out that the ex-LIGF was hanging out with one of 'his' friends and we both got the same text... and then another one later in the day. The ex-LIGF is feeling really bad right now since he obviously doesn't care about her since he is still texting me - it is a group text, but you'd think that any self-respecting guy would take my name out of his phone so that he can prove his undying love to a girl that moved all her stuff out of his condo today. I am still a little weirded out that I am openly speaking with the ex-LIGF since... well - I slept with her boyfriend and all... but she really does sound like a cool person.

And he is a douche.

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  1. Really - this just gets stranger and stranger by the update!

  2. oh. my. god. i go away for a weekend and the shit hits the fan! this is insane ... in-freaking-sane. boys are so stupid.