Boy Was My Face RED!!

by - Saturday, December 30, 2006

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas (Kwanzaa, Hannuka, etc.). I did - I just got home from visiting my mom for a week - it was great to do nothing.

Okay - my face was red... and I am probably going to hell AGAIN (the first was for the unauthorized Cougars pictures). So... I am speeding along - only 30 minutes from home and I am flying up a hill at 127 km per hour (apparently) and zing - the lights go on. Mr. Copper decided it was my day to get a ticket... so I pull over, get my licence out... he asks if I knew how fast I was going and I say yes... I am not going to lie... so he goes back to his car... I can tell he is writing... not a good thing... then he comes to my door - "I could have given you a $200.00 fine, but I will just give you a $138.00 fine... it is the season..."... this is where my lie comes in - I say "Oh my husband is going to get a laugh...", "Why", "Oh, he is a RCMP officer in Quesnel (the town I just sped through)"... "Oh, in that case, if I don't hear any complaints about your licence plate between here and Prince George we'll call it even..."... okay - so a little white lie... technically Jason is still my husband... I just didn't divulge to Mr. Copper that we have been separated for five months... ooops!!

So - down to hell I go... I will join all of my friends there... haha...

Oh - and congrats to Karen and Shane - they are getting hitched... note to self - save some holiday time for the end of September 2007... I have a feeling that I will be heading to Calgary to watch Karen become an honest woman... Grayson will be such a cute ring bearer!!!!!

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  1. Well, I'm glad you're back and blogging. I've missed Love your blog, love your work. Glad you got out of the ticket too. Happy New Year.

  2. You better be heading to Calgary for the week before Sept 22nd!! I expect it...that and we need to go to the bar before hand.

    Oh and a little white lie never hurt anyone!!! Especially when it saves you some money :)

    I will call you tonight, we are back from our 2 day retreat.

  3. d'oh! I hate getting pulled over! It's the worst...last time I got out of it by coughing....a lot. And saying I was coughing and my foot pressed the accelorator. Hey, it worked!

  4. Sooo, would they have anyway to know that Jason isn't my husband should I need to use him?

    I'm just saying...