To Karen...

by - Monday, December 18, 2006

Okay - the pictures are crappy, but it is all I could do with 90 km/hr wind gusts and snow starting to fall... here is Candycane Lane and the house by the hospital...

Why is it that the best pictures are when I am driving - when I actually stopped they suck! I really need to get lessons from April - maybe in the new year!!

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  1. God it looks SO nice with all the smow. That is the problem with Calgary...we usually have a brown Christmas and a VERY white February. Hopefully there is snow in Kelowna that we can chuck Grayson and Kathryn into for a day or 2.

    Thanks for the brings back memories of 8 Christmas's in PG.

    Have a great time at your mom's.

  2. Again spell checking before I post would be great!!