I WAS Better... but Back to Being Ticked...

by - Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So - I am home from work today with a migraine - probably from stress and grinding my teeth all night long... and then I get a message (on my home phone) from my union president asking me to call him immediately... I wasn't worried - we have a union meeting tomorrow so I gave him a call thinking it had something to do with that.

Apparently there are some issues with me being away today - since I left yesterday because of the sick feeling I was having about our job restructurning. I am allowed to be sick. But - me being sick today caused problems - enough that the Director of Human Resources was questioning my absense - and that I may get written up because of it... for being sick... oh - how I wish I could have given him my migraine...

You see - my boss (or my former boss??) is a very important person in the organization - he doesn't care one way or another if I am sick or not - I just go home and submit a form the next day. So that is what I will do - but because I was away today, I couldn't submit the form from yesterday - so I will do that tomorrow... that has been protocol for the last 13 months...

So - now I am stressed that I may get in crap for being sick... and I am not sure why - so I will have a fun time trying to sleep tonight - betcha I wake up with a migraine due to stress!!

That said - I am going to play with my Bellas now... maybe that will make me feel better.

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  1. carmen - wow that's just not right. sorry you're having to deal with all these issues. try to relax and not stress; that won't help the migrane situation at all. hang in there!! i enjoy reading your blog and seeing your creations; keep up the good work. enjoy those Bella's!!