Stamp Surgery and the First Card of 2007!

by - Monday, January 22, 2007

Okay - before I get to my first card of 2007, all of those who were waiting, holding their breath in anticipation... go ahead - let it out... here is how you perform stamp surgery!

First - you take a stamp that you can't use anymore 'cause you changed your last name when you got divorced...

Peel the rubber and foam from the back of the stamp set, totally thrashing the foam in the process and thanking you-know-who that you just got an order of stamps that would have large left-over rubber sections once they were cut out and mounted. Then you chop the heck out of the stamp, removing all 'vulgar' words (the ex's last name in this case).
Then you use the left overs of the French Flair stamp set. Gently peel the rubber layer from the foam layer and place the rubber from the aformentioned stamp set on the sticky side, then trim as necessary. Then - mount your stamp on the wood block that you peeled the original stamp from. PRESTO!
Looky, looky - I saved it!!

Now - here is the card that I made last night - cased in part from Dawn5377's card seen here.

Stamps by Stampin' Up!, paper - source unknown, Prismacolor markers, Queen & Co. brads.

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