Why I {LOVE} My Job...

by - Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So... I had a meeting with a student today... I last spoke with her about two years ago when I was working in the recruitment office. She came it, introduced herself, and said "Before we start, I just want to let you know that I appreciated everything that you did when I was first applying to this school. You are the reason that I am here, and I am glad that we get to work together again." Now - if that doesn't bring a smile to ones face, I don't know what would. In the job I am in now - I get a lot of that - from everyone - my boss, co-workers and most importantly the students - and it makes the day go by that much smoother.

Now - of course - I have to add a humerous note to my blog entry. I am putting a warning up now - in no way am I involved in terrorism or the such - I just happened into a conversation in my old office... and there is a joking reference to Al-Qaeda... but I didn't say it!! Here is the conversation (oh, and to set the mood the power went out at work yesterday, and in all of Northern BC for that matter)...

Person #1 - "I am nervous... I wonder if Al Qaeda has anything to do with this?"
Person #2 - "Yeah - don't they focus all their attention on centers of intelligence? We might be in for something [in reference to a bomb]... ha ha"
Me - "Well, if that is the case then this office is safe..."

Needless to say after I realized that comment came out of my mouth I high-tailed it outta there quicker than a... well really quickly... I kind of felt like I was in the middle of a Dilbert cartoon for a second.

Sometimes I must use my six-inch voice instead of my six-foot voice... gets me in trouble every time!

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  1. Anonymous5:36 PM

    So no bombs will be dropped on your old office, eh!

  2. Sorry but I don't think there is enough intelligent life in the whole university to warrant an attack!!

    Oh and I would love to see you fireman carry Grayson "down the aisle" at the wedding. That would be too funny!!! :)

  3. That was damn funny! Thanks for sharing that.

    How long was the power out for? We had a blip to our system - in that blip I managed to lose my work on a grant app... blah... but hey - I know some tech offices in quesnel that lost WAY more...

    Have a great day Dilbert :)

  4. Repeat after me: Inside voice... OUTSIDE voice... Inside.. OUTSIDE...