I AM a Domestic Goddess...

by - Sunday, February 18, 2007

Today was a great day - a lazy day... but I still got lots accomplished. I went grocery shopping and bought a shower curtain and cool bathmat for the bathroom downstairs. I went to the library and took out a book on plumbing so that I can now go to the hardware store to buy what I need to get the bathroom sink hooked up. AND I made a set of curtains and pillowcases for my bedroom. You see - every time I buy a sheet set I always have the top sheet left over (I don't use one 'cause I have a comfy duvet)... so that is how I get my second set of pillowcases made (I am kind of a pillow whore - five on the bed for just lil' ol' me!). And I had enough of the sheet left over to make matching curtains. So now - there is nothing (except the actual furniture which I picked out anyways!) in the room that is reminiscent of my ex-husband... the curtains were the last thing that needed changing. Now - it is my palace. I often joke with Jenn that all I need are three rooms in my house - my bedroom (I could easily put a bar fridge and microwave in there), my bathroom and of course my stamping room! Now all I need is a p.d. (Jenn - that one is for you!) to put in my purse and life will be complete!!

Now - the laundry pile is calling my name and the dishes are itching to be put in the dishwasher - but there is curling on - what do I do???

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  1. I can't wait to see "Casa Carmen"!! It is still alright that the little turkey and I invade your space in early May right? I would hate to miss your big b-day and the chance to see you.

    I would have called tonight, but he still isn't sleeping the best. The last of his canines are causing us both problems....which I am sure will be resolved by May.

    I will try and call tomorrow night. Shane is still at work for 4 more sleeps, this 24 days away is NEVER happening agian!!!

    Take care & Love ya!!

  2. So, did curling win out? I missed it last night but I caught the Team Canada game that morning. Good game.