Damn Stamp Companies and Boobs...

by - Sunday, April 01, 2007

Okay - stamp companies and boobs are two totally different things. Yesterday I spent $200 on TWO bras - WTF??? AND... the sports bra was 1/2 price... I hate having boobs. Hopefully {very} soon the surgeon will call and offer me a "free" boob reduction (for medical reasons)... but the papers went in from my doctor back in November and I still haven't even gotten called for a consultation.

As for the damn stamp companies... look what Hero Arts has put out - wouldn't it go so well with the Basic Grey Pheobe line???

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  1. Um, I think your link is wonky. ANd you KNOW how I feel about the birds. There are more??? AHHHHHH!!!!!

    *huddles in corner whispering 'no more, buy no more!'*

  2. Thanks Jenn - link fixed... and I pre-ordered the damn stamps this morning. I hope birds do not become passe!!

  3. Ok, totally random, but you should check Lane Bryant for bras. I have pretty darn big boobs myself and just bought 4 bras there for 50 bucks after all the sales and coupons. Plus they are super comfortable and have great support. :)