My {200th} POST...

by - Thursday, April 05, 2007

Okay... I had originally wanted to have some big, ginormous news for my 200th post... but alas, I lead a boring life and the only thing that is happening in the next little while is I am getting a haircut/highlights and this weekend is Easter and it is a long weekend. Such a boring life I lead. But I guess I make it boring myself... I guess I kind of like it that way. I mean all week I have been in bed around 10:00 to watch my last TV show of the night, and that is about it. Last night was Card Club - which is fun... usually I just make the demo card and then hang around and bitch with the ladies... Jenn wasn't there this time as she is still eating wonderful food in NYC... but she will be back next week (lets just hope it doesn't snow anymore!!)...

I am addicted to Facebook... I was introduced to it by Karen, and now it is my life-long (or day-long) mission to find everyone that I have ever known on it to hook up with. I have hooked up with a guy I went to Jr. High with, little sisters of good friends, people I went to high school and university with... now if only I can find Trevor Linden... hahahaha... then I would really be a stalker.... hmmm... I wonder if Russ Stalker is on there? He really is a guy (as opposed to a make-believe guy)... one of those guys that is super good looking and nice, and they don't even know it - the best kind! Whoa - that got off topic a little.

Hmmm... what else... work is... well work. I got my raise - but I won't see any cashola until the end of the month... but I am spending it now. And, as Jen puts it - I am in a bit of a pickle... but not really all at the same time (regarding my older man situation)... I mean it is only a pickle if I totally throw myself at the guy (for those of you who know me you totally know that will never happen)... and he rejects me... which again will never happen as I am a HUGE chicken... sometimes I like being a chicken. Chickens are safe... unless they live on a poultry farm...

Okay - I don't think that I have anything else to say... oh - if I don't happen to post tomorrow - tomorrow is Karen's birthday... she is older than me so it is all good. I think that I am going to start only having older friends so that when I am 30 I will still be the youngest one... sorry Katrina - that means you have been voted off the island 'cause your brithday is in September... hahaha... just joking.

I must go now as I am making absolutely no sense. I just watched two episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation online, and now I must get ready to watch curing in an hour and a half by perhaps doing some work... yeah right! I am off to scour Facebook for more of my peeps.

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  1. oh, I just had my 200th post too! We should celebrate, with alcohol, then you can add 'drinks with students' to your portfolio!