Note to Self...

by - Saturday, August 11, 2007

Update blog a little more often...

OK... since the last post I have done what many of my friends say should be put into a book - "How to quit (or get laid off with severance) your job, sell your house, find and apartment and job in a new city - all in 30 days!!"... cause that is what I did...

I moved to Cow-town on August 2 (which was exactly one month from "quitting" my job and putting my house on the market)... my stuff arrived shortly after on the 4th. I unpacked most of my crap - and yes I mean crap - by the end of the weekend, and I have been slowly unpacking the rest for the last week... hopefully I will have the majority of it done within the next few days, although the last of the boxes are of the miscellaneous variety which meand I have to find a place to put stuff and storage isn't exactly in abundance.

My new job is great. Well, the job itself isn't going to stimulate my brain for too long but the people are awesome. They have kind of the same sarcastic and witty thought process that I possess, which makes life in an office much more fun... hopefully I dazzled them all with my knowledge over the last week and I can continue it next week.

I think that I have found myself a hockey team to play on for the next year - although like everything in this city - it definitly costs more... but the team is the Cougars - to which I was pointed out today that it is fitting for two reasons - one that my true WHL allegance is to the Prince George Cougars, and the other that I am old enough to be one... which I totally don't agree with!!

Well, that's all folks... the first update from Calgary... stay tuned - maybe next month I will have something else to say!

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  1. Oh please tell, where is Cow-town?

    Found you via a like interest in Nora Roberts.

  2. Well about freaken time! I've been bopping over here for EVER waiting for an update!