by - Friday, September 28, 2007

Tonight is Trevor Linden night... or hopefully it is. It is pre-season and sometimes the good players don't play... but I am hoping that he will play... if he doesn't I will be disappointed - but I do get to go next weekend to a regular season game and he better play in that one...
Oh... and I will be working on stamping this weekend... promise!!

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  1. Hey Carmen,
    I was at the game on Wednesday and Linden looked great!! Not the greatest ending to the game, but at least it doesn't count. I would suspect Trevor will play - I think they're really trying to get the core players playing with the exception of the few younger players still on the bubble. The Sedins didn't play Wednesday - not that it would have helped in the shootout anyways.
    Hope you have a great time at the game!! I'd LOVE to go to a Flames/Canucks game in Calgary....it would be a hoot!!
    Have a nice cold beverage for me!!!

  2. Hey...me again,
    My Facebook account disappeared and I'm having to start over. I haven't been able to find you...maybe I'm spelling your last name wrong. Find me...k? Will you be my friend again...hehehe
    The Canucks look great tonight!!!